Sunday, December 30, 2012

Readings 2012

Inspired by Heidi Ruby Miller, I've listed the books I've read this year, all 149 of them (probably 150 after today, adding Ellen Hopkins's IMPULSE to the list).

Many great books, but the best--hands down--was Rio Youers's WESTLAKE SOUL, which is a very special novel and one that if you haven't read, you need to ASAP.

The list:

1.     A Blind Eye to the Rearview Mirror, Eric Jackson
2.     A Little Life, Billie Sue Mosiman
3.     After the Fade, Ronald Malfi
4.     All You Can Eat, Shane McKenzie
5.     Being Mrs. Dracula, Jake Drake
6.     Black Train, Jeff Mariotte
7.     Bleed on Me, Shane McKenzie
8.     Carnage Road, Greg Lamberson
9.     Chorus of Dust, Justin Paul Walters
10.   Circuit Rider, Jay Wilburn
11.   Cracklespace, Margo Lanagan
12.   Critique, Daniel Russell
13.   Dead Sheriff Zombie Damnation, Mark Justics
14.   Delphine Dodd, S.P. MIskowski
15.   Die, You Bastard, Die, Jan Kozlowksi
16.   Dinin’, Ty Shwamberger
17.   Down Here in the Dark, Lee Thompson
18.   Drawn and Quaretred, Shane McKenzie
19.   Dying of the Light, Eric Williams
20.   Four Corners Dark, William McNally
21.   Four in the Morning, edited Lincoln Crisler
22.   He Waits, J.G. Faherty
23.   Heartless, Allan Leverone
24.   I’m Not Sam, Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee
25.   Infinity House, Shane McKenzie
26.   Julie Rayzor Romance Adventure Zombies, Richard Howes
27.   La Fee Verte, Samuel Clark
28.   Last Summer, J.W. Bouchard
29.   Lords of Twilight, Greg F. Gifune
30.   Lost Girl of the Lake, Joe McKinney and Michael McCarty
31.   Lucretia and the Kroons, Victor LaValle
32.   Mourning Mansion, Billie Sue Mosiman
33.   No Outlet, Matthew Warner
34.   No Turning Back, Andy Deane
35.   Operation Rhioceros Hornbill, Gene O’Neil
36.   Prison Planet, Billie Sue Mosiman
37.   Reign of Blood, Sandy DeLuca
38.   Salvage, Jason Nahrung
39.   Showtime, Narrelle M. Harris
40.   Snowblind, Michael McBride
41.   Sorrow Creek, Christopher Fulbright and Angelina Hawkes
42.   Spinner, Dustin LaValley
43.   Subject 11, Jeffery Thomas
44.   Sunfall Manor, Peter Giglio
45.   Swamp Monster Massacre, Hunter Shea
46.   Swan Song, David Riley
47.   Tell Tim Tildrum, Ed Erelac
48.   The Blue Heron, Gene O’Neil
49.   The Business, Derek Clendening
50.   The Cold Spot, J.G. Faherty
51.   The Dark Side of Heaven, Gord Rollo
52.   The Devil’s Serum, Ashleigh Wolfgang
53.   The Devoted, Eric Shapiro
54.   The Employer, Derek Clendening
55.   The Fleshless Man, Norman Prentiss
56.   The Girl, Bryan Hall
57.   The Hungry Skull, Gene O’Neil
58.   The Lady of Seeking in the City of Waiting, Jennifer Brozek
59.   The Last Trace, Roh Morgon
60.   The Men Upstairs, Tim Waggoner
61.   The Mourning House, Ronald Malfi
62.   The Necromancers or Love zombies of San Diego, James Musgrave
63.   The Puppet Graveyard, Tim Curran
64.   The Rain Dancers, Greg F. Gifune
65.   The Sharp End, Joseph Nassise
66.   The Tribesmen, Adam Cesare
67.   The Underdwelling, Tim Curran
68.   The Vagrant, Bryan Hall
69.   Thirty Miles South of Dry County, Kealan Patrick Burke
70.   Through Splinter Walls, Karron Warren
71.   Torn, Lee Thomas
72.   Twenty Eight Teeth of Rage, Ennis Drake
73.   Unhallowed Ground, Daniel Mills
74.   Werewolf Winter, Walter Lazo
75.   When We Join Jesus in Hell, Lee Thompson
76.   Without Purpose, Without Pity, Brian Hodge
77.   Wood, Robert Dunbar
78.   Fated, Alyson Noel
79.   More than Midnight, Brian James Freeman
80.   When Dark Descends, Charles L Grant and Tom Monteleone
81.   Ready Player One, Ernest Cline
82.   The Killing Joke, Alan Moore
83.   Joyride, Jack Ketchum
84.   Weed Species, Jack Ketchum
85.   The Sculptor, Gregory Funaro
86.   Misery, Stephen King
87.   Red Dragon, Thomas Harris
88.   Tortilla Curtain, T.C. Boyle
89.   Talk Talk, T.C. Boyle
90.   The Church of Dead Girls, Stephen Dobyns
91.   Psycho, Robert Bloch
92.   Feesters in the Lake, Bob Leman
93.   On Becoming a Novelist, John Gardner
94.   Relic, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
95.   Snow, Ronald Malfi
96.   The Wolfman, Jonathan Maberry
97.   World War Z, Max Brooks
98.   30 Days of Night, Steve Niles
99.   Breeding Ground, Sarah Pinborough
100. I am Legend, Richard Matheson
101. Voices: Tales of Horror, Lawrence C. Connolly
102. Floating Staircase, Ronald Malfi
103. Westlake Soul, Rio Youers
104. Bottled Abyss, Benjamin Kane Ethridge
105. Back Roads & Frontal Lobes, Brady Allen
106. Cold Hand in Mine, Robert Aickman
107. Haunted Legends, Nick Mamatas & Ellen Datlow
108. Childhood’s End, Arthur C. Clarke
109. The Pet, Charles L. Grant
110. Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Novel, Tom Monteleone
111. Writers Workshop of Horror, Michael Knost
112. Starve Better, Nick Mamatas
113. Howdunit, John Boertlein
114. Ghostwritten, David Mitchell
115. The Hunger, Charles Beaumont
116. The Essential Ellison, Harlan Ellison
117. Dangerous Visions, Harlan Ellison
118. Required Reading Remixed, Jeff Connor
119. Walk on the Wild Side, Karl Edward Wagner
120. Where the Summer Ends, Karl Edward Wagner
121. The Wind through the Keyhole, Stephen King
122. Railsea, China Mieville
123. The Croning, Laird Barron
124. The Edge of Dark Water, Joe R. Lansdale
125. The Harmony Society, Tim Waggoner
126. The Gorelets Omnibus, Mike Arnzen
127. 100 Jolts, Mike Arnzen
128. Rock On, Paula Guran
129. Dueling Minds, Brian James Freeman
130. The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty
131. Homecoming, James A. Moore
132. Tyler’s Third Act, Mick Garris
133. Shocklines, Matt Schwartz & Richard Chizmar
134. Vacation, Matthew Costello
135. The Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth, Ray Garton
136. Waiting, Rick Hautala
137. Dark Dreams, Ray Garton & Douglas Clegg & Brian Keene
138. New Screams, C. W. LaSart & M. Louis Dixon & Nikki McKenzie
139. Dereliction, Ray Garton
140. Turnaround, Craig Spector
141. Dark Advent, Brian Hodge
142. Backshot 1902, Ed Gorman 
143. Backshot 2012, Tom Piccirilli
144. Chills, Rick Hautala
145. Four Legs in the Morning, Norman Prentiss
146. A Cold Season, Alison Littlewood
147. Ghost's Know, Ramsey Campbell
148. Scream Quietly: The Best of Charles L. Grant, Stephen Jones
149. Osama, Lavie Tidhar